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An introduction to Jean Laplanche’s theory of the sexual

This is the fourth and ambitious part of ”Aning hardcore”. An extra track to ”Psykoanalytisk salong – Sexualitet*5”. It´s for those who´s desire for psychoanalytic and existential explorations into topics of love, sexuality, the voice etc. goes a bit further.

(An evening lecture is included in the price for the full day. For those who only want to attend the lecture at 19.00 you can buy separate tickets here: https://www.kulturcentralen.nu/evenemang/on-infantile-sexuality-sexual-abuse )

The french psychoanalyst Jean Laplanche insists that the kernel of psychoanalytical theory and practice is sexuality – a sexuality that comes to us from the adult other and captures us with its enigma, its excess and its poignancy. Thus our development as self-theorizing subjects has as its starting point some thing that is at once out of reach and very seductive, and we are driven by an urge to translate in order to fathom its meaning. But the infantile sexual seems to escape our meaning giving attempts, and this is where the establishment of our unconscious takes its starting point.

Those who participate are expected to have read the text by Jean Laplanche called “Three Meanings of the Term ’Unconscious’ in the Framework of the General Theory of Seduction” from “Freud and the Sexual” 2011. The text can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11KtUe-zEvAQYbYI4erKactIQ3jyoKcsO

Katrine Zeuten is a psychoanalyst and associate professor in psychology at the University of Copenhagen.

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