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  • Artist / Medverkande: Felicita Brusoni

Sound Spaces 2020 - Felicita Brusoni - INSTÄLLT!


Felicita Brusoni (b. 1986 in Sarzana, La Spezia, Italy) began her journey into music by taking piano lessons at the age of 7. Then, when 14 years old, she started to take singing lessons, both in Italy and in France. She studied opera singing at the R. Accade- mia Filarmonica in Bologna (Italy) while doing an undergraduate course at the University of Bologna (she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in DAMS – Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performative Arts, in 2010). Then, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree (2014) in Singing, and a first-class Master Degree (2017) in Vocal Chamber Music (focused on Lieder and contemporary music repertoire) from the “Giacomo Puccini” Music Conservatory in La Spezia (Italy). In the same Conservatory in 2010 she began to study the French horn. She is now honing in contemporary singing with Nicholas Isherwood and Alda Caiello.

Through collaborations with composers and attending different labs focused on contemporary music (like the LabMusCont based in La Spezia or SMNMP – San Marino New Music Project based in San Marino, where she worked with Nicholas Isherwood), she started to explore the melting of different languages, incorporating various components in her performances, from visual arts to electronics. Over the last years, she started to work with sound, video, graphic no- vels and visual artists.

Besides national and international performances and concerts, opera theatres hirings and contemporary music fe- stivals, she has sung several premieres of contemporary music. She has worked together with composers such as Luisa Antoni, Pasqua- le Corrado, Alvin Curran, Gerardo De Pasquale, Michael Edward Edgerton, Federico Favali, Vinko Globokar, Andrea Nicoli, Ketevan Scheipner.

In 2018 she won the “Best Singer” Prize at San Marino New Music Project for her performance of the piece for solo voice Jenseits der Sicherheit by Vinko Globokar. According to the composer, this was the best performance ever of the piece.
In 2019 she won, in duo with Victor Andrini (bass), the “Special Jury” Prize for the performance of Indianerlieder by Karlheinz Stockhausen at “Note tra i calanchi” Festival in Bagnoregio, Italy.

Gabriele Manca 3 caPricci - solo voice
Andrea Nicoli sempri ‘cca sugnu - voice and electronics
Kaija Saariaho From the grammar of dreams - voice and electronics
Michael Edward Edgerton Anaphora - solo voice

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