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Iphigenia at Olympus by Ajius

Iphigenia at Olympus is a fast-paced tragedy reflecting on patriarchal society and confronting all of us with our own gullibility, our desire for power and the corruption that comes with gaining this.

(NOTE: We will be operating with SAFE-DISTANCE SEATING and providing SANITIZER. If you feel unwell or are showing any symptoms of cold or flu, please remain at home. Money will be refunded for cancelled shows due to the pandemic.)

To win the Trojan War and to appease the gods of Olympus King Agamemnon sacrifices his first-born daughter: Iphigenia. Iphigenia at Olympus tells us the story of what happens to Iphigenia after she is sacrificed and called to Mount Olympus. She enters Deus’ palace and is convinced to trust him and go through three tests to prove herself worthy of becoming a goddess.

This tale tells us the story of a loss of innocence. Iphigenia embodies us, humanity, and our willingness to trust men in power; always hoping and believing that they have the best in mind for us. Iphigenia will lead you through some of the darkest sides of humanity: deceit, revenge, anger, corruption, megalomania, sexual abuse and finally: murder.

Front Row Theatre is proud to be bringing you this modern Greek tragedy this spring.

Director – Fleur Brouwer
Actors – Johanna Persson Hansson, Fraser James MacLeod & Richard Pates
Production Designer – Sera Cederberg
Hair and Make-up – Victoria Klingenstierna
Stage Manager – Jared Middle Calf
Technicians – Rasmus Wessman, Salma Afash
Music – Fanny Johansson
Marketing – Marc Veldhuizen

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