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SRSLYyours is back in Malmö. This time with the latest, critically acclaimed performance EGOLAND with the Swedish performer Martin Nick Alexandersson. EGOLAND won the GRAND PRIX AWARD at Stockholm Fringe Festival 2020

Egoland is an interrogation, a confession, an intense psychological study for stage. Intertwining personal narrative and a variety of shifting characters, the performance explores the relationship of the individual against a backdrop of an eroding sense of community and populist rage.
«Grand Prix» Stockholm, Jury Prize (STOFF)

There are times of the «I», and there are times of the «We». Eras in which we are concerned with community, and eras in which the belief in the individual determines the spirit of the times. Today, promoted and reinforced by media and mainstream popular culture, we make room for the narcissist in its most extreme form.
(-Der Spiegel)

«Egoland» investigates our Ego and the subtle impersonal and global forces which leave us exposed and vulnerable to any new dogma, political movement, religion, populist sentiment or heroic figure. Walking the tightrope of fiction, true story and alternative fact, «Egoland» entangles its audience in a volatile mix of celebrities, nationalistic ideals and role models against a backdrop of an eroding sense of community and populist rage.

The award-winning Ensemble SRSLYyours («1st Jury Prize»/National Award MilanOff, «Best Performance on Berlin Stages»/Zitty, «Grand Prix» Stockholm/STOFF) questions our motivations and choices to live as critical citizens or to remain lost particles in a silent mass, pulsing to the rhythms of powerful forces we cannot understand, partake in, or respond to.

«The amazing Alexandersson, participates in this study with openness and dedication, ceremonial concentration and audacity… …Wieland’s precise direction is in search of a personal morality, which in its depths aims straight at our collective truth.»
Yiorgos Savvinides (Phileleftheros Newspaper).

Direction: Achim Wieland
Performer: Martin Nick Alexandersson
Co-Dramaturgy: Isabel Evers, Marios Ioannou, Rania Iakovou
Environment / Light: Achim Wieland / Karl Wassholm
Costume: Martin Nick Alexandersson
Sound: Per-Linus Westberg / Timmie Strandberg
Styling: Måns Bystedt

Co-Producer: Center of Performing Arts MITOS In Collaboration with: Bastionen With the support of:
Dance House Lemesos, TANZFABRIK Berlin, KONSTKOLLEKTIVET Mölndal, the Swedish Embassy Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus.

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