Playmate Theatre Malmö

Bringing the best of English-language theatre to Scandinavia...

Playmate Theatre Malmö was set up in 2017 by three British actors, living and working in Malmö, hoping to fill a niche in the local theatre scene in Skåne. We offer quality English-language theatre, small-cast intimate plays, for Swedes and international audiences. Like all actors we have an enormous love of words, but there is no denying the value of entertainment to an audience and the power of a good story.

Some plays just sound better in their native language. Other well-loved English language plays are perhaps unfamiliar to a Scandinavian audience. Come to the theatre!
Playmate Theatre Malmö is your chance to see them. We perform in Malmö and Copenhagen and are based at blackbox theatre Bastionen, opposite Malmö Central Station.